Adjustable Utility Archwires Super Elastic Nitanium or Stainless Steel

Nitanium Adjustable Utility Archwire
The Nitanium anterior segment and stainless steel posterior segments are joined by inconel tubing which allows for precise adjustments in arch length. The 3 mm step-down allows gentle forces to be applied to anterior teeth. The stainless steel posterior provides the heavier forces required to rotate or upright molars, open or close bites and perform other adjustments. Highly recommended for mixed and adult dentition cases.

• More rapid tooth movement without root resorption
• Relief from pain in closed-bite T.M.J. cases
• Frictionless alignment of upper and lower anteriors
• Reduces chair-and-treatment time
• Allows for use of auxiliary springs
• Easy, rapid mid-line corrections
• Reduces bicuspid extractions