A heat-activated Nitanium Archwire, specifically designed for consistent performance and low tooth moving forces,
the Bio-Kinetix Thermally Activated Nitanium Archwire provides outstanding resiliency and demonstrates ultimate thermal performance.
The archwire is soft at room temperature allowing for easy ligation. 

Benefits of using the Bio-Kinetix Thermally Activated Nitanium Archwire:
• Excellent shape integrity and shape memory for a heat-activated archwire
• Temperature Transition Range (TTR) = 80°-90°F (26.7°-32.2°C)
• Optimum and consistent performance
• Easy ligation at room temperature
• Outstanding resiliency
• Offers slightly lower forces than the Bio-Kinetix Plus Thermally Activated Nitanium Archwire
• Ideal for use during cases that have significant crowding
• Very responsive to chilling which allows patient to ease discomfort with cold temperature items
• Low force provides greater patient comfort, and helps control torque early in treatment