TransForce Arch Developer Appliance


The next generation in expansion

TransForce2 Arch Developers are available in two styles, Transverse and Sagittal.Each of these appliances can be used to treat all classes of malocclusion and are excellent for mixed dentition.Both styles mount lingually, making them very inconspicuous and require zero patient compliance.The TransForce2 Arch Developer Appliances were developed in consultation with Dr.William J.Clark, the inventor of the Clark Twin Block® .

Virtually Invisible Assistance for Arch Development

Designed for ease of use, the TransForce2 Arch Developer Appliances are preprogrammed to allow appliances to be placed without laboratory work.Both the Tranverse and Sagittal styles may be placed using first molar bands with standard .036" x .072" lingual sheaths.

Each TransForce2 Arch Developer Appliance may be easily adjusted per patient.In addition, each expander module contains Nitanium Coil Springs generating approximately 200 grams of gentle biocompatible force.

The Transverse and Sagittal Appliances are available in multiple sizes, individually or a starter assortment kit.Best of all, the developers are universal, which allows for less inventory as they can be used for either upper or lower arch development.

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