Nickel-Free Bracket .022

Nickel Free Mini-Twin®

A one-piece bracket with a 100-count interlock base for a stronger bond!


Nickel Free Mini-Twin® are manufactured using MIM technology. This process translates into extremely close tolerances, rounded contours, and intricate structures that cannot be duplicated by machined or casted brackets resulting in a strong, high performance, and corrosion resistant orthodontic appliance.

The bio-compatible, nickel-free material of these brackets ensures that they are both a safe and effective choice for your patient.

Sets are packaged in single case


*Color-coded for easy bracket

*Rhomboid design with a vertical scribe line allows accurate long-axis tooth

*Integral smooth, rounded hooks

*Compound contoured/torque-in base

*100-count interlock base

*Low-profile design with generous tie-wing undercuts accommodates both ties and chain 




Nickel-Free Bracket .022
4494-022Q - .022 Nickel-Free Mini-Twin Brackets Roth, 1 case
.022 Nickel-Free Mini-Twin Brackets Roth, 1 case
€ 59,00